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Once milk weighed and quality is assessed, based on the market demand, milk is subjected to various processes .Ordinarily, the process milk will have more fat ie. 4.0 %.In the first stage, part of the milk is passed through cream separator to remove excess fat from the milk to make Toned Milk. The extra fat obtained is used for standardization of standardized milk. After standardization, milk is pasteurized to kill all pathogenic organisms/bacteria to make milk safe for human consumption and is packed in pouches of 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter sachets and stacked in crates of 10/12 liters capacity. The pasteurization involved heating of every particle of milk to 75° C for 15 sec. (using hot water generated from steam/ hot water generator as heating media)in specially designed heat exchangers ,then milk is chilled to 4° to 6°C immediately by using chilled water (The chilled water is obtained from IBT of Ammonia Refrigeration System).

Products are made at newly established section with new process equipments/Machineries like Sterilizer, automatic/semi automatic packing/Vacuum packing machines etc


Milk is perishable commodity which will be stored in cold Room/store till dispatch. Normally, cold room temperature will have 4° to 6°c, which will be maintained by Freon Refrigeration System. Milk & curds are dispatched through Puff /covered vehicle in order to maintain temperature /quality.

Expansion/Scope: With view to develop /improve quality of milk through Boosting SNF and to maintain uniform quality in input raw material/milk, intended to go -in far Condensed Milk Plant ,which not only improves quality saves lot on energy in Khoa while preparing Khoa from milk as intended Condensing being installed for improving SNF for market milk and Khoa.