Gokul Dairy Process

Sterilized flavored Milk.(Bottles) FLAVORED MILK:Flavored milk is the milk in which some flavors,sugar & color have been added to make it palatable,appetizing,especially to children. Homogenized & Sterilized Flavored milk more palatable, easy-to- digest specially to school children. Flavored milk should contain milk fat percent equal to the minimum legal requirement prescribed for the milk from which it is prepared.Flavored milk contains less fat & more protein normally of Double Toned Milk standards. Butter Milk: It is lower in fat than sweet milk. Butter milk refers to a number of dairy drinks, thirst eliminating reducing.

It is usually prepared from fresh curd by dilution with portable/pasteurized water and added with flavoring agents/spices,iodized / vacuum salt & labeled cultured butter milk & salted,spices,flavors , more palatable, so check the label if you are on a sodium-restricted diet. Butter milk has more lactic acid than milk/skim milk.With regards Yours faithfully for Gokul Dairy Products.