Quality Assurance


We firmly believe that to attain the best quality dairy products, only the best quality milk should be used/taken in. For this reason, our quality management system has been molded around a grass to glass principle whereby we enforce very strict quality and safety standards throughout our milk supply chain right from the farm level to the consumer.

Gokul Dairy Products invests heavily in helping farmers practice good animal husbandry under a field extension program geared towards enforcing stringent hygienic standards for the.best.quality,milk.

Quality at the processing factory:

Only screened milk that has passed our acceptance criteria is received into the factory for processing. Our quality Assurance/control staff undertakes regular QC tests as guided by our.Standard.Operating.Procedures.(SOPs).

The standards met by Gokul Dairy Products are as guided by the Indian National standards or even more stringent international standards such as codex standards to assure high level of.quality&food.safety.

Quality at Retail level:

After processing, extra measures are taken in handling the finished products to ensure consumers receive their favorite products at the best quality, through fully insulated/covered trucks, we are able to deliver our products to retailers in the some parts of south India,or within the region at their freshest.
We go a notch higher by training retailers on how to hygienically handle and store our products further supplying them with cold Chain facilities to store the products ensuring the quality is preserved.

Our marketing team along with production staff also conducts regular and spontaneous checks in the market outlets to ensure retailers adhere to our set quality standards and also stock fresh products.